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Welcome to F.E. DiBacco, Inc.

In today's competitive banking environment, banks and other financial institutions have been under increasing earnings pressure. Service quality has suffered as banks cut back operations to reduce expenses. Fees and other charges have risen dramatically to help banks maintain their expected earnings.

In many cases, corporate and institutional customers go unaware of these new unbundled charges as they slip by unnoticed in various bank communiques. In the middle of all of this, one person has felt the impact of these changes—you, the customer.


At F.E. DiBacco, Inc., we help you turn this disturbing trend around and insure that you get what you want, when you want and get it all for a fair price!

F.E. DiBacco, Inc. has been helping companies like yours control, reduce, and manage bank depository, treasury, and other fees and charges for over 30 years. With our proprietary software system and team of former bank operations executives dedicated to your account, F. E. DiBacco, Inc. can put you on the fast-track to reasonable fees and cost savings today!

F.E. DiBacco