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What We Do At F.E. DiBacco, Inc.

F.E. DiBacco, Inc. offers specialized, industry-specific analysis of your current banking depository relationships and identifies opportunities for your company to reduce the fees that you currently pay.

Using our proprietary patented Depository Diagnostics software program, we perform a thorough and comprehensive fee and depository analysis. We can reduce your expenses and enhance your cash flow position quickly and efficiently.

We review all depository flows from the moment a deposit is prepared. We evaluate deposit timelines and track the amount of time your bank requires to make your funds available to you. In addition, we verify selected volume counts from your monthly analysis.


F.E. DiBacco, Inc. goes far beyond the typical cash management programs which feature analysis verification. We will review cash orders, deposit tickets, bag processing, lock box arrangements, armored car pick-up and delivery, credit card processing, ACH transfers, wire transfers, back credits, and night depository. We leave no opportunities overlooked.

F.E. DiBacco, Inc. does all of the work! From analysis to solutions. If you desire, we will even meet with your banks with you, or on your behalf, to implement our recommendations and renegotiate your current fees. We do it all!

The project funds itself because it is accepted on a contingency basis. As your consulting partner, we are with you for the long haul. We will not be paid unless we save you money. It really is that simple!

F.E. DiBacco