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Why Choose F.E. DiBacco, Inc.?

The staff of consultants at F.E. DiBacco, Inc. has over 100 years of combined banking, operations, and accounting experience. We specialize in the review of corporate and institutional depository relationships.

What makes F.E. DiBacco, Inc. uniquely qualified to do your depository analysis is that we use Depository Diagnostics, our own proprietary patented software, and pricing databases that includes pricing analysis and information from over 1100 banks. Available nowhere else, Depository Diagnostics has been developed from analytical techniques, pricing databases and processing information gathered over many years and hundreds of successful projects. In addition, we continue to update and develop the system through these times of rapidly changing bank fee structures. This ensures you of the most timely and accurate information available.

Our proven record of accomplishment shows our clients have enjoyed savings from the thousands of dollars to well over
$1 million. This is done with little or no disruption to your staff. We are able to concentrate solely on this area because this is all we do. We do not have the added responsibilities that you and your staff do, thus allowing us full attention to your needs.

Why Do I Need F.E. DiBacco, Inc.?
Can't I Do This Myself?

The answer is three-fold. First, our patented software system, Depository Diagnostics, is proprietary and unavailable elsewhere. To even try to partially replicate our constantly updated databases would require thousands of staff hours, and that's just for pricing information alone. The analytics and processing diagnostics combined with our years of industry expertise make it next to impossible to develop with internal resources.

Second, at F.E. DiBacco, Inc. we realize that the demands on today's financial executives and their teams make it difficult to dedicate the time and resources necessary for a project as specialized, time consuming, and detail-oriented as this. There are no other priorities for us. If we do not save you money, we do not get paid.

Third, the banking industry is in a constant state of upheaval. From mergers and acquisitions, corporate downsizing, branch closings, regulatory initiatives, policy, and procedural changes, it is unrealistic to expect you or your staff to have the time to remain constantly up to date on the latest depository changes.

F.E. DiBacco